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Luka LLC is one of the few companies which managed to turn the process of creating comfort and coziness into a fascinating form, a philosophy of comfort. is a reliable, dynamically developing enterprise, a manufacturer of aluminum and stainless steel profiles as well as floor coverings thresholds. The Company's products are sold throughout the territory of Russia, as well as in the CIS countries and Europe. Our clients are large federal and regional DIY networks, wholesale dealers, retail stores of finishing materials, design studios as well as architectural offices and construction companies. LUKA GmbH is a partner and supplier of profiles for DIY retail chains throughout Europe.

Get in touch with us - we look forward to hearing from you! is part of «The 21 century» holding consisting of 6 companies.
XXI century

Research and Production Company "XXI century" is the oldest company in the Holding. RPC "XXI century", LLC was established on 20.07.1993. The Holding, which is currently composed of 6 diversified companies, has developed since this company establishment.

RPC "XXI century" is one of three leading road-building companies in the Samara region. The company has repaired the major mains in Samara and participated in the construction of new city roads over the last 25 years. A large volume of works was performed by the company to construct the road infrastructure for the Samara-Arena stadium, which became one of the key sites of the 2018 World Cup.

The company construction and road machinery fleet is composed of vehicles, equipment, and mechanisms required to perform the complete operation cycle of road repair, construction, and improvement, from soil excavation to laying various road concrete mixtures. Machines from German manufacturers form the basis of the machinery fleet of RPC "XXI century": Нamm asphalt compactors, Vogele asphalt spreaders, and Wirtgen and Bitelli pavement profilers.

XXI century
Bituminous concrete factory

ABZ-1 LLC is part of the Holding's Road-Building Division. The company has all equipment required to produce all types of asphalt concrete and to test materials quality.

ABZ is one of the most modern companies throughout the region to apply innovative technologies. It is this company that became the pioneer in producing and using asphalt concrete mixture with polymer bituminous binder in Samara.

Most road-building entities in Samara are the company customers.

 Bituminous concrete factory

FARBSTEIN is the leading manufacturer of small-piece concrete products by vibration compaction method in the Volga and Ural regions. The company was founded in 2012.

The main field of the company activities is the production of items for improvement (walkway slabs, borders, stairs, splitter blocks, and pole fencing) and wall-mounted materials.

Products are manufactured by FARBSTEIN using the technologies and equipment from HESS Maschinen-fabrik GmbH & Со. KG, the German company which is the world leader in the manufacture of concrete forming machines and all-purpose equipment for the concrete industry.

The company sales geography is wide and is expanded continuously. Farbstein supplies concrete products to most regions of Russia, from the subpolar regions in the north to the Black Sea regions in the west and the Eastern Siberia in the east.

Vektor 21

Limited Liability Company "Vektor 21" was founded in 2006.

The main area of the company activities is civil engineering and residential construction. Vektor 21 performs a full set of works: geodetic surveys, civil engineering, construction of buildings and structures, installation of utilities (including low voltage networks, heat supply networks, and power grids), fire safety activities, and facilities handover to the Customer and inspection organizations.

The company has reconstructed the Volzhsky Utes sanatorium as part of the Russia-EU Summit preparation works, reconstructed the building of the Samara Regional Duma, performed the complex repair of the Volga River bank in Samara (the longest river in European Russia), and constructed the infrastructure for IKEA-Samara and structures for PepsiCo Holdings.

Vektor 21
Plintus Hall

Plintus Hall is a federal specialized retail chain of accessories for floor and wall coatings.

The first store was opened in 2013. Today, the Plintus Hall retail chain consists of 38 sales outlets in 19 cities of Russia.

Each Plintus Hall store has a wide assortment of sections and a huge variety of colours, textures, and undertones, which is based on the one-stop shop principle: tile sections, GOST sections, baseboards, sill plates, finishing corners, and angle fillets.

In the Plintus Hall stores, you can buy over 19,000 product items. All products pass comprehensive tests, complete certification, sanitary-and-hygienic examinations, and other inspections.

Plintus Hall is on the list of the best Russian Employers.

Plintus Hall
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