Launching the line production of AISI 304 grade stainless steel profiles

The whole range of stainless steel profiles is now available to order both in AISI 430 and AISI 304 grades.

AISI 304 (INOX) steel grade belongs to the chromium-nickel class of low-carbon high-alloy steels. The high chromium and nickel content determines the excellent strength and corrosion resistant properties that are in demand everywhere - they are defined as universal. That is why this alloy is among the most used.

The main advantages:
- Acid resistance.
- Heat stability.
- Heat resistance.
- Poop magnetic properties.
- Eco-friendliness.

AISI 304 steel is more expensive compared to AISI 430 steel because of the use of higher-quality and more expensive alloys of nickel and chromium in large quantities.

Request the price list from the managers of Luka LLC by phone 8 (846) 99-77-011.